28 June, 2019
According to a survey involving 400 children and adolescents aged 10-19, focusing on the threats faced by Palestinian or Syrian refugees located in Beirut, Lebanon. As a result, they are confronted with violence and sexual harassment. The frequency of these events is extremely alarming among refugees. Almost 70% of them feel unsafe if they go out into the city during the day while almost 90% are worried and afraid of their safety at night. They also expressed concern about being kidnapped or raped. 'We are also afraid to go out on our own because there are always people who will harass us whether drunk or not' Syrian teenager (18 years old); Bourj Al Barajneh. ‘Some teenagers are forced by their parents to drop out of school and get married. My friends are all married and have children’ Syrian girl (13 years old); Bourj Al Barajneh. Young marriages among young refugees in Lebanon are rising as parents worry about the safety of their children. Despite their negative environment, many refugees are optimistic and ambitious for their future. In April 2019 UNHCR estimated that in Beirut, there are 239,005 registered refugees. Lebanon is the country with the largest number of refugees in the world, with the recent influx of 1.5 million people fleeing the Syrian war and Palestinian refugees who have been in the country since 1948. Source: Al Jazeera #AmanPalestin #JomMenyumbang
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